Advanced Facial Treatments


Microdermabrasion Therapy

60 min

Using small incrusted diamonds this facial will increase circulation, refining pores, and fine lines it is the ultimate in resurfacing your skin.


Advanced Light Therapy Treatment

60 min

For that radiating, wow skin texture, our non-invasive LED light therapy works at a cellular level (especially great to fight active acne and rosacea). The soothing, deep penetrating LED lights target deep into cells heightening their internal functions, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow, and creates faster healing so your skin always looks rejuvenated.


Acne Treatment

30 min

The pulsed light penetrates deep into the skin and activates phorphyrin to produce oxygen which has an antibacterial effect and destroys the acne.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL stands for intense pulse light. It’s a type of light therapy used to treat pigmentation, rosacea, acne scar hyper-pigment, facial redness, broken capillaries and sun damage. Adding radiance and glow to your complexion, with the additional advantage of collagen stimulation.


Dermal Blading

Dermal blading is a gentle method of deeply exfoliating the skin. The treatment is pain free with no down time required! A surgical blade is worked over the face removing the outer layers of dead skin cells as well as any fine hair (also known as peach fuzz!) This is also a great treatment for people with blonde facial hair that cannot be treated with a laser.


Skin Needling

Exceed is a revolutionary Micro needling device which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate your skin. Taking advantage of the skins ability to heal itself. Micro-needling causes micro injuries to the epidermis, which signals the body to produce collagen. This remodels the treated area which rejuvenates the skin making your skin look healthier, more youthful and fresher.


Age Reversal

Reverse the signs of ageing this treatment series promotes deep peeling, exfoliation and skin renewal